Coldplay Releases Adventure Of A Lifetime Official Video

Really, does this band ever disappoint?! Chris Martin fronted Coldplay have been posting little gifts this holiday season on their social media, in the form of track clippings and images for their to-be-released new album, A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS.

And when it comes to adventures the band has had through the years making fabulous music, they have released the official video for the first track off the album, Adventure Of A Lifetime.

They have been known to include animals in their videos (ref: Paradise) and this time around they went the animated way and chose our primate ancestors – the monkey. It features the furry creatures in the jungle, banging on their instruments with the lead monkey singing along to Chris’ voice. It also includes a small dance cameo by fellow primates that is more co-ordinated than Step Up troupes!

The track itself is groovy and looks promising to become a major hit on the charts in the near future. The audio version of the song, uploaded on the band’s YouTube channel, has already picked up close to 10 million views as of today.

Click HERE to go watch Adventure Of A Lifetime RIGHT NOW. It hasn’t yet been released on YouTube, though the band posted it onto their official Facebook page.

Fans and critics (who are secret admirers of the band for sure!) can’t wait for the album to come out, which is slated to be released on December 4.

Stay tuned to as we keep up with Coldplay and all the latest buzz in the world of music.

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