Corey Taylor spills the beans on a possible Slipknot album, Trump and Chester Bennington

Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor (do we even need to introduce him?) has been on Larry King Live before. Remember when he showed off his Slipknot mask and almost gave ol’ Larry King a heart attack? Classic Corey! He was back again, and this time spoke about so many things, like Kid Rock trying to enter politics,the suicidal death of Chester Bennington and if finally, for the love of God, Maggots will get to relish another Slipknot album.

When Larry King asked Corey Taylor what he thought of Kid Rock announcing that he wants to join the Senate as a Republican, the Devil In I singer was quick to say, “I’ve heard he’s really, really cool but I think the worst thing people can do is assume you can fill a role that you have no experience in. I mean, we are kinda seeing that with the President now.”

So what are his personal opinions about Trump? American citizens and the media especially, cannot seem to stand any topic or ideology that comes from the current President of the United States. “I am not going to sit here and call him a Hitler like a lot of people will, I think he is just a massive ego. He’s a businessman who’s going to try and run America Inc. and that doesn’t work, that’s not what governments do. It’s never gone the right way for the middle class.”

Then the host breached the subject of the recent suicide of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. It’s been really hard on the community to come to terms with it, so what does Corey Taylor think? “Unless you’ve walked in those shoes, you don’t understand the pain, the weight of carrying that along, and there’s no right way to deal with it. There’s no universal fix-all. So you spend your whole life trying to find what works for you. I am just glad I got the time I had with him.”

And now for the main topic we’ve all been waiting for. Is there ever going to be another Slipknot album? Pretty please, Corey? “Some of the guys are working on music right now and kinda putting demos together. They said they’d send me some stuff.”

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