David Bowie is back with Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)

Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) is the new, incredible, dark and lingering jazz opus spun by David Bowie.

David Bowie is back with another one of his beautifully haunting creations Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) for his upcoming compilation of greatest hits Nothing Has Changed. Bowie unveiled his most jazz-influenced track till date on October 11, 2014, which has already fetched him mass critical acclaim. 

Standing at seven minutes, the jazz epic comes after the Thin White Duke’s year long hiatus post his comeback album The Next Day last year, followed by The Next Day Extra which also featured New York’s Maria Shneider Orchestra. The sax-rich and climactic song joins many of his best, left behind songs in the yet-to-release compilation. 

The last time the Space Oddity singer went experimental with jazz was Aladdin Sane in 1973, only this time his vocal and lyrical delivery seem to be a homage to his idol and American singer Scott Walker. 

Nothing Has Changed will hit the stores on November 17, 2014 as a three-CD collection of Bowie’s best. The compilation flaunts tracks starting from The Next Day (2013) to his Liza Jane, the Davie Jones and King Bees single from 1964. Also featured are tracks Let Me Sleep Beside You, Shadow Man and Your Turn to Drive, which come from the singer’s incomplete 2001 album Toy

Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) will see a limited release on 10-inch vinyl on November 28, 2014, with track Tis a Pity She’s a Whore as its B-side track. The song will, however, be available for digital download on the same day the compilation is released.

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