Lynrd: American rock singer and song writer, David Cook recently released a funny music video of ‘The Last Good Bye’. The Last Good Bye is the latest single from the singer’s forth coming album ‘This Loud Morning’.


The singer has been declared dead by the authorities in the video due to his carelessness. The video begins with Cook sitting at the back seat of a cab, while he pens down his thoughts in a note book.

The winner of the 7th season of the American Idol , then heads towards the beach while he sings, ‘I didn’t want to let you go. But where ever we are, we’re miles apart . I know that we tried, but this is the last good bye.’

The singer then is seen continuing to write as he still tries to recover from what he has lost. The singer then takes off his shoes and jacket and begins to walk down the coast, while he leaves his clothes and notebook behind. This is when a woman finds the notebook with letters ‘The Last Good Bye’ with footprints towards the ocean. The next morning the members of the band read the headline ‘David Cook feared Dead’, while the singer wonders what the fuss was all about.'
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