Demi Lovato Releases Sexy New #BodySay Video

Former Disney television star, self-approved feminist and newly single pop star, Demi Lovato has given fans another gem in a brand new risqué video for a single she apparently recorded just a week ago, titled Body Say.

It has become a radio favourite already, garnering thousands of listeners since its debut. The track is a follow up to her other body-centric work – Confident. The singer had earlier released Cool For The Summer, a song that spoke openly about a possible same-sex summer fling and was just as raunchy as Confident.

In recent months, the 26-year-old star has been very vocal about her beliefs, especially body positivity and bi-sexuality. Since she opened up about her personal struggles with drug addiction, she has been an advocate of being self-confident and an open feminist. In an interview with a top publication, she had mentioned that she didn’t think she was going to live past 21 years, and talked about being hooked onto cocaine and other substances, due to a complex about body image and being the poster child for Disney.

Late last month the star and That 70s Show actor, Wilmer Valderamma called it quits after over 6 years of dating. She had said that he was her biggest support and one of the main reasons she is still alive today. She also openly spoke about her mental illness, bipolarity and how she copes with it while facing the limelight. The single, Body Say contains some raunchy lines, including:

You can touch me with slow hands

Speed it up, baby, make me sweat

Dreamland, take me there, cause I want your sex

If my body had a say, wouldn’t turn away

Touch, make love, taste you

If my body told the truth, baby, I would do

Just what I want to

Lovato is currently on tour with former Disney colleague, business partner and childhood friend, Nick Jonas on their Future Now Tour that featured guest star appearances by the likes of T. I.

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