American singer Demi Lovato, has recently released her latest single ‘Give Your Heart a Break’. The new single has a 80s and 90s feel and sounds like a montage in a romantic comedy in which the lead female will be dressing up in the cutest outfits while she prepares for a big date.

Lovato in the single sings about accepting love even of it is for a moment. The single is a part of her come back album ‘Unbroken’. When compared to the debut single of the album ‘Skyscrapper’, this one is definitely lighter in scope as well as sound.

Lovato sings ‘Give Your Heart a break. There is only so much you can take’. Demi in the songs sings as if she has a good experience of being a girlfriend, who you can relate to as she has gone through similar things in life.

The unusual things is that the song ends abruptly when Lovato sings ‘The day I first met you, you told me you never fall in love’ after which the song disappears in silence. Throughout the song the singer is trying to convince the one she loves not to leave. Lovato constantly requests to stick around and let her love be his strength.'
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