Lynrd: American singer and song writer Demi Lovato has made a special announcement about her upcoming album, just a week after releasing her single ‘Skyscraper’. The 18-year-old singer announced that she will be rolling out her album on 20th September 2011.

Demi Lovato

While talking to her fans on Thursday night, Demi had spoken about her upcoming album and her touring plans. Lovato said that she has come out of her pop-rock genre and has focused more on the vibes that would concentrate on her vocals.

The singer also revealed that the other songs of the album will be similar to that of Skyscraper. Lovato said that she is highly satisfied and comfortable with what she has done so far in terms of the album.

There are possibilities that the singer might hit the road to tour to promote the album. While talking about the visuals of the Skyscraper, she said that she already had it in her mind to shoot it in a desert while she was recording the song. Lovato said that it was a very intimate set and was in the middle of a desert and not many people were present during the shooting.'
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