American singer and song writer Demi Lovato is now all set to release her fourth album ‘Demi’ on May 14, 2013. The singer said that the upcoming release is a very personal album, due to which the title bears her name on it.


Lovato said that the new release will have 13 tracks and will be a collaboration with Cher Lloyd. The singer spoke about some personal problems as well, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his late night talk show, where she also performed. Demi said that she has really big tonsils due to which she always gets sick.

Lovato also shared that she hopes that Katy Perry or Lady Gaga would join her on the reality show X Factor. While talking about the new album, the singer said that it is based on her personal experiences and that there were some really awesome pop songs, which she thinks are very catchy.

Here is the entire tracklisting of her upcoming album according to Pop Crush.

1.‘Heart Attack’
2. ‘Made In the USA’
3. ‘Without the Love’
4. ‘Neon Lights’
5. ‘Two Pieces’
6. ‘Nightingale’
7. ‘In Case’
8. ‘Really Don’t Care’ Feat. Cher Lloyd
9. ‘Fire Starter’
10. ‘Something That We’re Not’
11. ‘Never Been Hurt’
12. ‘Shouldn’t Come Back’
13. ‘Warrior’'
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