American singer and song writer Demi Lovato is now out of rehab, winning awards and is planning to return with another smash hit. Surprisingly, the singer has plans to work with controversial rapper Eminem.

A happy looking Lovato, in an interview with Seventeen, said that the rapper is her favorite and so anything with him will be amazing. On the other hand, there wasn’t any word from the ‘Stan’ rapper about the prospective partnership.

Demi has spent about three months in rehab and has now returned with purpose, drive and confidence. The singer said that she cherishes a whole new meaning to her career which is to be an inspiration for her.

She  added that it is no coincidence that she has been through a lot at such a young age. Looking at the singer, it seems like the sky is the only limit for the rejuvenated singer. Lovato also said that she is also looking for some fun with friends Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, who were there besides the singer during crisis. In the year 2010, the singer started work on her third album, but the work was delayed when she entered the rehabilitation centre for physical and emotional issues.'
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