Detroit police release images of Chris Cornell’s room where he committed suicide

May 18 was a sad day for the worldwide grunge community after the news of the tragic death of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. The legend had just finished performing with his band at a popular location in Detroit, Michigan. After heading to his hotel room, he spoke to his wife Vicky, who later testified that her husband was slurring his words. When she checked on him later, there was no reply. Frantic, she called his bodyguard, Martin Kirsten. When he forced himself into the hotel room in which Chris was staying, what he found would later be tagged as a crime scene.

That night, Chris Cornell had consumed over four tablets of Ativan, a prescription drug used to treat anxiety. His autopsy revealed that he had barbiturates in his system as well. He has hung himself from the bathroom door with an exercise band that he had fashioned as a noose. Now Detroit Police have released images of the crime scene that fateful night. Please be warned, the images may be graphic for some.

A torn plane ticket from Delta Airlines found in the Soundgarden singer’s hotel room

Personal effects of the late grunge artist, including prescription pills that contributed to his death

Bed in the hotel room of Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell’s acoustic guitar rests on a chair in his hotel room in Detroit

Cornell’s bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, gets swabbed for DNA

A ridge is left in the door on which Cornell hung himself

Police swab the exercise band used by Chris Cornell for DNA evidence

Chris Cornell tied an exercise band to the bathroom door to hang himself

The exercise band Chris Cornell fashioned into a noose to commit suicide

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