DOWN Shutdown After Anselmo Racist Slur

Following the debacle that was a racial outburst by Phil Anselmo, the first official negative response to the metal veteran has come from Dutch festival, FortaRock. In an official statement released by the management of FortaRock, they said:

“After the recent outbursts by singer Phil Anselmo during the Dimebash event in the US, his band Down is no longer welcome at FortaRock.”

“There has been close consultation between all parties in recent days since we wanted to make a well-informed decision. On that basis, the decision is made to cancel the act.”

“We want to make clear that there is no room for racism or fascism at FortaRock.”

The debacle being talked about happened at Dimebash, the official memorial gig for slain rocker and member of the band Pantera, that Anselmo has been lead singer of – Dimebag Darrell. During the performance, a video was recorded of the rocker making the Hail Hitler symbol with his arm and shouting: “White Power!” In the beginning, he denied the claims, stating that it was an inside joke that other artists at the event had because they were all drinking white wine backstage.

However, later an 11-minute video was uploaded on YouTube by fellow rocker and frontman for Machine Head, Robb Flynn, who said that there was no “white wine” present at the event, and mocked at Anselmo, calling him a “bully” and saying that if the genre wanted to side with his racism, then he was going to be out of it.

A day later, Anselmo himself posted a video to YouTube stating that he was extremely sorry and that anyone who knew him personally would stand by his statement that he isn’t a racist and meant no harm to any race and “loves everybody”.

It is good to see a tough circle that is the Metal family being supportive of all races and isolating those who wish to continue discriminating and being blatant about their hateful beliefs.

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