Lynrd: Canadian recording artist Drake had recently unleashed a new song ‘Marvin’s Room’ from his upcoming sophomore album ‘Take Care’. The singer has very well executed the story in the song, where he tells the story of a drunken late night.


Drake in the song paints a scene, where he had spent the whole night missing his lost love. At one point the story seems similar to that of ‘Need You Now’ of Lady Antebellum, except for the fact that Drake knows that his ex now has a new love and that he does not care.

The song starts with the voice of a woman, talking over the phone to her friend about her night out. This is when Drake begins, ‘Bitches in my old phone. I should call one and go home. Ive been in this club too long. The woman that I would try is happy with a good guy. But ive been drinking so much that I’ma call her anyway and say, F—that n—that you love so bad.’

Drake in the song then continues to convince his ex over the phone, which ultimately fails. The situation in the song is created such that one may start to feel bad for Drake at a point.'
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