Lynrd: Canadian recording artist and singer, Drake has released a track from his second upcoming album. ‘Dreams Money Can Buy’ was released from his unreleased album on the singer’s blog.


Drake along with the track on his blog had also written a small note describing the track which said, ‘A song that I felt the need to share. Not my single. Just a piece of my story. Hear me out though…’ The beginning of the track has an unusual cappella harmony, with a cheerful lead voice.

The track says, ‘Don’t f- with me, don’t f- with me’. The track then starts with the singer’s usual rhymes, which boast about money, wealth and dreams and says, ‘I got car money , fresh start money. I want Saudi money, I want art money. I want women to cry and pull out their heart for me. And tell me how much they hate when they apart from me.’

Drake is also known for adding a few funny lines in his tracks like, ‘We got company coming over. Would like it kill you to put some pants on.’ The singer is still working on his second album and is till now named as ‘Take Care’. The recording has been done along with DJ Khaled.'
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