Eagles founder Glenn Frey passes away

American singer and song writer Glenn Frey, best known as a founding member of the rock band Eagles, passed away at the age of 67 on January 18, 2016. The actor died in New York due to complications from pneumonia, colitis and arthritis.

A statement from the singer’s family and band members said, “Words can neither describe our sorrow, nor our love and respect for all that he has given to us”. The Eagles were one of the most successful bands during the 70s era and gave multiple hit singles including Hotel California . The Eagles were found by Frey in 1971 with Bernie Leadon, Don Henley and Randy Meisner.
Frey wrote the single ‘Hotel California’ along with Henley and Don Felder and composed a number of songs for the band. With several hits to his credit, Frey became one of the band’s chief songwriters and also penned down the breakout hit ‘Take It Easy’.
The band split in 1980 but Frey continued to enjoy as a solo artist and one of his most successful single was ‘The Heat is On’ that was recorded for the movie ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ in 1984. But then the band reunited in 1994 and turned out to be a huge hit during their touring act.

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