British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran recently shared what he had been through during his initial stages as a musician. Sheeran might be an amazing singer with immense talent, but he had to face some serious issues at the beginning of his career. Ed confessed that he encountered some record labels which were rude enough to tell him to his face that his looks did not work and that he could never be famous.

ed sheeran

While talking to the reporters, the ‘Give Me Love’ singer said, “Every single label I had gone to at the time had told me [‘The A Team’] wasn’t a hit. They said this song wouldn’t work. And the fact that I was slightly chubby and ginger was not a good ‘marketing tool’ for them. So it did definitely feel like it wasn’t going to happen.” Some of the most popular people in music industry were not very good-looking, so Ed’s looks certainly do not matter when it comes to being recognized for his talent.

On the other hand, the ‘Lego House’ singer learned from his hardships and turned them into a valuable learning experience. The star said that being an individual makes you stand out from the crowd. All in all, the moral of the story is that hard work always wins over good looks.

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