Ed Sheeran Drops ‘How Would You Feel (Paean)’ For Bday – Listen

Get ready because 2017 is the year for Ed Sheeran. Fans are already awaiting his latest album Divide and he’s doing everything he can to tease them with some brilliant tracks.

In January, Ed dropped two tracks on the same day – Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill which were highly acclaimed and reached the top of the Billboard Top 100 charts. In fact, he broke records, being the first artist to have two tracks up there at the same time. Then he performed as a one-man band for the 59th Grammy Awards this year and pleased everyone wit his musicianship.

And specially for this birthday, with the singer turning 26 today, he surprised fans with his own birthday present to them – his new single, How Would You Feel (Paean) and it is one slow, soulful ballad. The sound includes guitar, keyboard and drums with brushes. The singer tweeted to fans about his impending birthday and the single, all at one go –

How Would You Feel (Paean) comes out tomorrow at midnight wherever you are in the world, its not the next single, but is one of my favzzzzz



As it’s my birthday I dropped a new song called How Would You Feel (Paean), give it a listen while I eat some cake x


Well, seriously, give it a listen and weep! Some of the lyrics to the song go as:

How would you feel

If I told you I loved you

It’s just something that I don’t want to do

I’m taking my time, spending my life

Falling deeper in love with you

So tell me that you love me too.



Let’s see how long, sooner or later, the track reaches the top of the charts, just like his other two tracks from Divide. There should be a lot more magic coming from the album, as How Would You Feel (Paean) is just track number 11 out of 16 singles. Divide will release on March 3, 2017.

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