Embarrassing Early Videos Of Your Favorite Legendary Bands

Before they were earth-shaking, conformity shattering megastars that they are today, the very epitome of what rock n roll is all about, these young rockers were nothing but average young kids trying to make it big. Today their sound is unparalleled and their lyrics are on everybody’s lips, but back then, man, they were hilariously bad at what they did. Maybe it was luck, maybe it fortune or sheer hard work on their part, but thank the gods they didn’t end up like they started off. Presenting embarrassing early videos of your favorite legendary bands that will have you LOLing for days…



Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Then known as the Chili Peppers, these young kids, headed by Anthony Kiedis and supported by his long-term best friend and guitarist, Flea along with Jack Sherman and Cliff Martinez looked like spray-painting kids with extra energy. Their performance is fun to watch, but blaring to listen. Maybe adding RED HOT to their name made them was a good idea. Seen in this early clip on a show with Robin Thicke’s dad, Alan, the boys look super excited and funny.



Billie Joe Armstrong

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Green Day’s frontman is so punk, he started a revolution in the 90s and 2000s and the band has picked up several Grammys and other prestigious awards for work such as Boulevard of Broken DreamsWake Me Up When September Ends21 Guns…well, the list goes on. But, when it came to Billy’s childhood, no one would have ever thought he would one day become the face of punk political propaganda, because here he is as a teen singing Christmas carols! Of course, you can hear the crystal clear voice of the future generation, but at that time, he was just an awkward kid…like the rest of us.




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Ok, this isn’t exactly KoRn, but with three members a part of the funk band LAPD, you can definitely consider it as KoRn version 1. Munky, Fieldy and David Silveira could still rock, and they were joined by another lead singer, as you can see in the video. They also managed to attract a scanty crowd of mosh pit enthusiasts, who look more like a bunch of drunk kids that serious metalheads. Though the band broke up soon enough, they turned over a new page by moving to Hollywood and recruiting lead singer Jonathan Davis and Head. The rest is nu metal history.




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Lzzy Hale is a force to reckon with the rock industry. Powerful voice, powerful lyrics and kicking up one major storm every time the band performs. But ratty teens, you can barely recognize anyone from the band, Lzzy included. She is known as Liz Hale at the time, and has a bunch of teeth that end with a front chipped tooth, unlike her dazzling grin that can blind a man instantly. And she wants people to come to their show. Well years later, people are trampling at their venues, but not sure how many turned up long ago.



Maynard James Keenan

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Before he was Tool and A Perfect Circle’s frontman and a beautiful rock poet, Maynard James Keenan was an embarrassing little man for a band that called themselves, wait for it, Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty. Wearing what would look like a 20-something’s yoga top and slacks, he awkwardly dances about for a song called Burn About Out. And if you listen to the lyrics carefully, yes, they were magnificently transformed into Tool’s Sober.

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