Eminem reuniting with Pink for brand new track on upcoming album

2017 is going to end on a good note. Promise. Detroit rapper Eminem is currently hitting the studio, working on some new music for his upcoming album, to be released later this year. And he has at least one strong collaborator to help boost this new album – Pink. The singer and the rapper had previously worked on the rock-rap hit, Won’t Back Down that made it to the rapper’s 2010 album, Recovery.

Tony Travatto who works as the Senior VP/Programming at iHeartRadio in Michigan spilled the beans while on the Detroit local radio show, Mojo In The Morning. He is reported to have said, “He says that there is a new Eminem, Pink song coming out, that he said is unbelievable. He said he got the chance to be one of the first to hear it and it’ll be coming out very soon.”

After Eminem and Pink had collaborated on Won’t Back Down, she spoke highly of him, saying at the time, “I think he’s one of the most poetic, ballsy and hilarious people this industry has ever seen. I was always afraid he’d pick me as a target [in his lyrics], but he’s always been nice to me, and finally approached me to be on the album. So I must have done something right.”

Meanwhile Eminem also gushed about the Stupid Girls singer, saying, “I’ve always respected what she does. When we did the track, I heard her on it and knew vocally she’s smash it.”

Looks like them coming together is going to be Just Like Fire!

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