American rapper and actor Eminem has released his new video ‘Space Bound’, which is from the album ‘Recovery’ which won a Grammy award last year. In the video, Eminem has shown his darker side, or it would be more appropriate to say the inner demons.


So what is the video about? The video is indeed haunted and has all the abilities to scare the audience even after the video is finished. The ‘Stan’ rapper is seen walking along in a street when a car comes along and the singer jumps in next to the driver’s seat.This is when the video projects that the singer is all alone. But surprisingly there is a girl, played by Sasha Grey and another Eminem at the passenger’s seat.

He is definitely not a twin but just the imagination of the singer in the video. Later the girl walks out of the car and the singer follows her.

The video then shows the past life where his girlfriend had cheated on him with another guy. An angry Eminem then pulls out his gun and holds it on his chin as he is not able to bear the pain that she is gone. The singer then pulls the trigger and the bullet passes through his brain to the back of his head showing a bloody scene.

Scary indeed, but just like many of Eminem’s songs, this track is also an overt expression of the pain the singer has gone through over the years. Love it or hate it, this is Eminem for you!'
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