Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias and American recording artist Usher have dropped their new video of the song ‘Dirty Dancer’. The video also has their close friend Lil Wayne, in which all three are seen like exotic dancers.


In the video, the Spanish singer is seen sitting in a unique room, while he watches a sexy woman wearing a sexy black outfit in front of a stripper pole. However, the woman in the video is not the only entertainer, later two other women take turns to perform on the pole.

While the dancers continue to mesmerize the singers in the video, Iglesias and Usher then have to remind themselves that the women are ‘never ever lonely’. Later when the singers think that they would like to take home one of them they realize that they will ‘never be her only’.

This is when Wayne comes in with his part of verse in the track. Wayne in the video shows off a terminator like red eye. The whole video creates a feeling that the women in the video have a dominating hand over the singers. After, ‘I Like It’ and ‘Tonight’, the track ‘Dirty Dancer’, which was released in May, is the third single from Iglesias’s bilingual album, ‘Euphoria’.'
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