Evanescence In “Creative State of Mind” After Release of ‘Take Cover’

Exactly how freakin’ long has it been since goth-rock band, Evanescence released an album? Yes, it was all the way back in 2011. After keeping fans waiting, while the band de-grouped and then re-grouped, they were last seen performing live in 2012 with Taylor Momsen-led The Pretty Reckless.

While the band seemed to try to be getting their act together again, lead singer Amy Lee got married and had a baby boy, Jack. A couple of months ago she released an album on Amazon called Dream Too Much catered to children and inspired by the songs she sang to her own son as he crossed the terrible twos. While she did release sentimental covers of bands like Portishead and U2 on her own YouTube channel, Evanescence remained dormant, with only two original band members remaining – Amy Lee and Tim McCord.

Then in 2015, an announcement was made on the band’s website that another female was joining the band – Equilibrium‘s lead guitarist, Jen Majura. This was like music to fans’ ears, because not only did it mean that she would add some estrogen to the lineup, but she is also known as a killer musician, having been in bands like Knorkator and Rage. But was Evanescence just playing around, or were they finally going to get down to business and create another record that competes with their old classics that have stood the test of time?

Come December 9, Evanescence will be releasing their vinyl box collection The Ultimate Collection that contains all their musical treasures, just in time for Christmas. They’ve also gone on tour, and looking at the crowds at each show, fans haven’t moved on and still want that melodramatic sound that Ev brings. They’ve also been playing a new track called Take Cover at each of these shows, something that has delighted fans on a possible new album coming soon. (You can take a listen to Take Cover through different grainy audience recordings on YouTube).

Amy Lee sat down with Team Rock to talk about the band’s long-awaited, long due tour and what’s in store for Evanescence. She said of Take Cover: “We are playing a new song live right now. We got together for rehearsals and we really focused this tour on the fans and the history of the band.”

“Kind of in light of this whole box set theme, we wanted to do everything that the fans want and not just what we felt like doing. It has been so fulfilling and so fun.”

“When we got together the guys were really strong supportive of it, we had a song in the bank. And we were like, ‘You know what the fans would really love is a new song. That’s all they ever ask for.’ So we knocked the dust off an old song called Take Cover that we had in the bank for a while and we loved it. It’s one of our favorite moments ever night on the tour.”

“I think they like it a lot. I posted the lyrics on Facebook and now I get at least five people in the front row mouthing along, which is extra fun.”

“We are definitely in a creative mindset. We’re playing the best that this band has ever played. Everyone is healthy and happy and loves being here and likes working together. It sounds like maybe it shouldn’t be so rare, but it really is.”

“So we’re looking for opportunities to work together more and we want to get creative. We’re definitely in the new chapter moment where the wheels are turning.”

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