American rock band Evanescence have released their single ‘What You Want’, after four long years. With the release of their single, the band has announced their return into the rock genre.


The new track from the band falls in the typical rock genre and will remind fans of the most successful acts of the band in the past. The track opens with drums when singer Amy Lee sings, ‘Do what you, what you want. If you have a dream for better, do what you want, what you want. Till you don’t want it any more.’ This is when the band’s signature rock guitars come in. At the chorus, Lee sings, ‘Hello Hello, remember me? I am everything you cant control. Somewhere beyond the pain there must be a way to believe we can break through.’

The band has rightly processed the track ‘What You Want’ with piano, strings, along with a few industrial rock effects. At the end of the track Amy can be heard shouting ‘Do what you want, what you want,’ along with an echo which fades away. According to Lee, the song is about freedom and her relationship with her band’s fans. Lee has written the song along with bassist Tim McCord and Terry Balsamo.'
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