Extreme Metal Band Carcass Looking For New Album Release In 2017

Since the release of their hugely successful album, Surgical Steel in 2013, British extreme metal band Carcass have been on a hiatus from the studio. Though they have been touring around the world in support of their comeback album, including a show in Mumbai, fans have been asking them when they are going to release their next full-length studio album. The answer to that is given by vocalist and lead guitarist, Bill Steer in an interview with Dead Rhetoric.

When asked about whether he or the band could foretell about the success of Surgical Steel and whether they knew they would be on tour for the album, Steer says: “Definitely not. The only person who could have visualized that would have been Jeff (Walker, bass). Given the way we communicate in the band, I booked rehearsals with Dan (Wilding, drums) at the start of 2015 to begin work on the new album. How wrong was I?”

He then went on to talk about their highly anticipated, and long-awaited album and how much is exactly been done, including the question that every band is asked – what sound do we expect from the new material? “All I would say is there has to be small stylistic elements that haven’t appeared on Carcass records before. We’re going to be walking the tightrope of sounding like the band Carcass and bringing in new elements. There’s nothing valid to say if we’re going to do a retread…what’s the point?”

“Jeff’s got a real work ethic, so we’ll have something we feel is in very good shape to play to him, then he comes in and critiques that. It’s just like a distillation process. Sometimes it takes a while for a song to reach a point where we’re all happy with it, other times, it happens on that day. I think we should have an album that’s available by the end of the year.”

And there you have it. Straight from the mouth of frontman, Bill Steer. Carcass’ next studio album is going to be out by the end of 2017. They do not have a lot lined up for 2017, considering there’s just one performance – Inferno Festival, Oslo, Norway on April 12, 2017 – that has been listed on their website. So, looks like they have enough creative space to work on something hardcore. We can’t wait!

Check out Carcass’ Bill Steer in his full interview with Dead Rhetoric.

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