Former bandmates of Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor said that they are working on releasing duets featuring Michael Jackson and the late Queen singer. The previously unreleased duets will officially debut nearly three decades after they were recorded. Queen members May and Taylor are working on the tracks which will feature the two legendary artists and have promised that the songs will be released by the end of the year, most likely in late September 2013.


May said that they are currently working on the tracks and described their work as exciting, challenging and emotionally taxing. The idea of never-before-heard duets featuring two superstars like Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury is bound to sound exciting for their fans across the globe. The pair collaborated in the early 80’s and managed to record a few songs together, but were unable to find more time later on to record more material.

Reports say that Mercury and Jackson had only one recording session together and recorded three songs during six hours that they spent at Jackson’s home studio in California. In 2011, it was confirmed that the estate of Michael Jackson gave them permission to revive the recordings with Taylor and the pair have also brought in music producer William Orbit – who has previously worked with Madonna and Blur – to help with the songs.

The tracks might include new guitar solos from May, along with Queen style vocal harmonies.

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