Popular band Gipsy Kings is gearing up for a very interesting and special period ahead. The musicians have signed a deal with Knitting Factory Records, which will release their upcoming album, titled ‘Savor Flamenco’, on October 14, 2013. The new album will mark Gipsy Kings’ first recording in seven years and the group will also celebrate their 25th anniversary – a great milestone for any artist.

Gipsy Kings announce new album and celebrate 25th anniversary

The ‘No Volvere’ musicians – France’s most successful group of all time – are very popular for introducing their virtuosic and progressive flamenco pop to the mainstream. The band is planning a number of shows throughout Europe, including an important performance at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London, scheduled for February 20, 2014. Before embarking on their highly-anticipated tour, Gipsy Kings have released their brand new single, track titled ‘Samba, Samba’.

The band – consisting of two groups of brothers: the Baliardos (Paco, Tonino and Diego) and the Reyes (Paul, Patchai, Nicolas, Andre and Canut) – are set to make a great comeback to the music scene with their latest, ninth studio album ‘Savor Flamenco’, which was entirely written and produced by Gipsy Kings.

It has been twenty-five years since the group’s worldwide hit ‘Bamboleo’ was released and it captured the attention of both the media and fans. The song became a true phenomenon at the time and introduced millions of people to a unique mix of traditional flamenco styles and Latin and Western pop sounds. Since then, Gipsy Kings have been touring constantly and sold almost twenty million albums.

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