GIR XIII Bangalore leg – bands, crowd and everything in between.

GIR has become one of those very few yearly gigs which i look forward to, and this year’s edition has already left me wanting for more. Thanks to Mr. Amit Sehgal for getting Enslaved, Satyricon and Sahg to perform for us. Respect.

Attending a gig with ur mind fvcked over personal issues takes away the really-looked-forward-to feel but nevertheless i started off from this place where I’ve forcefully put up myself in Bangalore to the mother of all venues – Palace Grounds. It brought back memories of Maiden gigs but when I entered the venue the memories blacked out coz I saw only close to 50 people around me as opposed to what I’ve seen at this venue. Maybe i was early or the gig wasn’t publicised well.

Anyways i saw some of the organisers smoking inside the venue whereas the bouncers hired by them were personally going to each one smoking inside and trying to be loyal (read violent). Even I was a victim but then it was fun.

The gig was supposed to begin at 5 pm but on 25th October exactly at 5 pm the drummer of the opening band – Parachute XVI is late. This was bound to happen?? They opened the gig with their blend of psychedelic rock which did please my ear. It was ok till the last track which was a 2-part song abt media and it was long and boring enough to allow me do everything I usually do when Sceptre is playing live, by which i mean take a leak, smoke, drink, stroll, basically do everything to discourage the band. The dead-song ended and on came the same old – You are the best fvcking crowd ever – comment. Comeon. Not the best way to end their set.

I went around checking the stalls when the next band – Inner Sanctum was gearing up. After watching them at this year’s iRock, I wanted to see them again thanks to them sounding so metal. They came, they conquered – the stage, crowd, bitches, air, trees and everything in the vicinity. There was also some crazy moshing during their set with some damn-i-need-facial-hair school kids ready to kill each other. The band had a monstrous presence and complete control over the crowd. Does playing at home help..? YES IT DOES. Tight band.

Everyone was recovering from the Inner Sanctum-syndrome and warming themselves for my favourite Indian band – Kryptos. I envied Nolan’s Celtic Frost tee but the moment they began it was all behind me. The set list included a mix of songs from both the albums with 1 new track – The Mask of Anubis. This track was new to me and i can safely say I am buying their 3rd album too. They ended with the crowd favourite – Descension.

By this time the best was over and the crowd had steadily increased from 50 to 400-500 maybe.

Now it was time for the last 2 international bands and so they obviously (wtf?!) need time to setup so i strolled around and picked up a copy of Inner Sanctum’s Ep Provenance. I could hear Motherjane playing ‘Chasing The Sun’ at the adjacent venue where Kingfisher October Fest was on.

Next up were Solstate from New Zealand and i didn’t like them. I couldn’t relate to what they played. They also did a NIN-cover and without much noise made an exit.

Benea Reach from Norway was the last band for the day and they were a big band i suppose, what with the band taking around 45 mins for the setup. Huh fvck ! They were tight and had everything in place. They did make an impact. I liked them. I do like progressive metalcore sometimes. But not always.

And thus the curtains were drawn. This year’s editon of Great Indian Metal came to an end. Yes it was Metal up everyone’s arse. I happened to interact with some so-called Bangalore metalheads and all seems to be well. Being from the Bombay scene it was a pleasant experience. And considering Bombay was not even a venue for GIR, i wouldn’t have wanted to be there.

So in the end, you get some, you lose some and you tag along.

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