French metal band Gojira will be touching down in Bangalore, India to headline the Indian Metal Festival on December 15, 2012. The festival is a one-of-a-kind event, which will see international and Indian bands come together much to the delight of metalheads in the subcontinent. Gojira tickets are on sale now and this is the best time to book your travel tickets to Bangalore, if you haven’t already.

Mumbai has long been considered the melting pot for heavy metal music in India and if you want to travel from the state capital to Bangalore there are a variety of options available. Many prefer to travel by bus as it is cheaper than flights and you can save money for the stay in Bangalore, apart from other reasons.

If you can cope with the almost day-long (between 17 hrs and 24 hrs) bus journey and book right now, you will need to shell out between Rs 1000 and Rs 1300 for an air conditioned sleeper on A round-trip flight will cost you between Rs 6000 to Rs 6300, but for a fraction of the time (roughly 1.5 hours), according to

Tickets for the actual gig itself can be bought on, with regular tickets costing Rs 1,250 + tax and the meet-and-greet costing 13,500 + tax.

Apart from Gojira, Indian metal outfit Gutslit (Mumbai) will get a chance to prove that they can deliver the goods, at a gig that features international acts as well. Agnostic from Guwahati will also be performing on the day along with bands from the UK, Lebanon and Scotland.'
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