Lynrd: Now the Grammy awards will become more difficult for the ones, who have been fighting it out in the battlefield of the music industry. It was announced by the Recording Academy that the number of categories will be reduced from 109 to just 78 for the next year’s ceremony.


Neil Portnow, the academy president and CEO at a press conference said that the restructuring was essential to make sure that winning the Grammy award remains a rare and distinct award. Moreover, the gender specific categories were also removed.

This meant that the male and female artists, will now have to compete in the same category. Now that the categories have merged, the competition among the artists will indeed increase. If the rules were set for the 2011 ceremony, then artists like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson Beyonce and Lady GaGa would have competed for the same category.

Meanwhile, the biggest awards like the Song and Album of the year, Best New Artists and record will remain intact. A detailed list of the new list of awards, for the Grammy’s is given in the official website. The merging of the gender awards indeed came as a surprise. Next year the award ceremony will see a lot of tough competition between the stars of the music world.'
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