Lynrd: American punk rock band Green Day are working on their next record these days. The band is equally excited about their upcoming music video and music launch.

Green Day

Front man Billie Joe Armstrong has disclosed their recent activities in his tweets where he says, ‘GD has been jamming new sings every day. There are tons of new songs . The direction is fresh and high on energy. Feels great.’

However, the singer also added that he will not be letting out much of details of the songs but has said that he is collaborating along with Tre, Mike and Jason and are also having a great time together with music. The earlier successes of the band might have put them in an bigger dilemma as what is not left.

In the past, the band has given hits like ‘21st Century Breakdown’ and ‘American Idiot’. The question here is that is it possible for the band to come out with even better tracks or has the the band planned something simpler for a change? ‘21st Century Breakdown’ had earlier proved its success, when it had won the Grammy awardfor the Best Rock Album and had even topped the album chart. It is time to wait and watch what the band has in store for its fans.'
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