Lynrd: American pop singer and pianist Greyson Chance, recently spoke about his upcoming album, ‘Hold On Til The Night’. The 13 year old singer hit to fame after he performed on Lady GaGa’s ‘Papparazzi’ at a school talent show.


The YouTube video of the star went viral on the internet and became a star with 40 million views of the video. Greyson remembered his trip to Atlanta, where he had opened for Miranda Cosgrove.

At that time he might not have been much popular, but just three months later he came up with his own tour, where the fans were jam packed and creaming loud for the singer. The teen singer reveled that he is currently seriously thinking over building his career towards success.

The singer said that he has right now working on the video of his latest single. The singer did not reveal many details about it but said that he is pretty excited about it. Despite all the fame and attention the singer still remains down to earth and humble. Chance hails from Oklahoma and started playing the piano at the age of 8. In terms of vocal training, he did not have any formal training. While talking about inspiration, the teen singer said that he like those who sing from heart and communicate.'
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