American pop singer and pianist Greyson Chance has brought a new black and white video for his song ‘Hold on Til the Night’. The video truly inspires the other 14 year old singers to get inspired and make it big.

The video starts off with some blur shots of the 14 year old singer standing with a worn out piano and a dry tree. The video also has other kids with their close-ups.

The director of the video Dano Cerny claims that the close-ups in the video are a homage to the portrait screen tests of Andy Warhol. In the video many of the kids as well as the singer are seen holding a bulb which symbolizes of hope and wisdom.

Chance in the video sings, ‘Run In to the light, get out of your own way. Not afraid to fight, believe in what you say. I’ll hold on till the night. Hanging by a thread and not scared to let go. Thoughts inside your head that creep up to get you. I Believe this is right. So I’ll hold on till the night.’ At the end of the song Greyson is seen standing with the entire group of kids, who have fulfilled his wish to find their way from the darkness to the light.'
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