Lynrd: The most popular celebrity reality show Dancing With The Stars, was last night graced by the American pop band Hanson. The trio brothers performed on their hit ‘MmmBop’ and ‘House Band’ at the show.


The track ‘MmmBop’ was so popular that it grabbed the first spot in almost every country, where it was released. Isaac, Taylor and Zac no more look like they did before. They have got a much matured look and have adopted a poised haircut.

The band performed at the show at the guilty pleasures week, which also included other hits, which took the audience down the memory lane of the 90s. The three pop stars also performed on the audience’s favorite Ice Ice Baby and Billy Ray Cyrus from Vanilla Ice.

The featuring of Hanson of the show had indeed got the audience excited. The Tulsa based band will be performing on tonight’s show again and are likely to perform on their single ‘Give a little’. Dancing with the stars is a popular reality series, in which celebrities from the showbiz compete with each other on the show. The latest album of Hanson was unveiled in the year 2007 and had named it ‘Shout It out’. In July 2010, the band toured in the US, to promote their new album.'
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