Hologram Of Dio Will Be On Tour Throughout 2017

They say a legend never truly dies

When Ronnie James Dio died of stomach cancer at the age of 67 back in 2010, the metal community was devastated. He was a force to reckon with during his lifetime, having fronted some of the biggest bands in history, including Black Sabbath, Rainbow and his namesake, Dio. The only way to remember him by was playing his discography and maybe watching live performance videos on repeat.

But not anymore.

Thanks to technology, you will now once again be able to relive the force that was, is and always will be Dio. No, we’re not resurrected him from the dead like some metal Frankenstein. Instead, a hologram of the late legend will be touring throughout 2017. Back in 2016 (yay, we are finally done with that God-awful year!) the Dio’s hologram was for the first time introduced to crowds at Wacken 2016. There he was – Dio, but backed by a band known as Dio Disciples. Honestly, though we’d love to see Dio back on stage, watching a computerized version of him and a live band right behind is kinda off-putting. But still, something is better than nothing.

He has been re-animated by a company called Eyellusion. And CEO Jeff Pezzuti has announced that Dio will be touring throughout 2017 as well, thanks to a relatively positive response from fans and audiences.

For the tour he’s going to have different looks. [At Wacken] he was somewhere around ’88, the Dream Evil era. For this next tour we’re going to be somewhere later than that for certain songs and maybe earlier than that for other songs.

The tour will be an over-the-top mind-blowing experience. We are going to have both live singers with Ripper Owen and Oni Logan as part of the show as well as Ronnie appearing throughout the show at different parts, some duets. It’s going to be mind-blowing from the fans’ perspective. We are going to bring album covers to life. We are going to bring things that are known to Ronnie to life onstage.

Ronnie will be involved in each show from probably six to seven songs a night that he will be singing on. Some of the ones we can expect are We Rock, Holy Diver and Rainbow In The Dark.

Will it look odd to have a hologram smack in the middle of a live band? And are fans willing to go to any length to get the man back on stage? What’s important is that we treasure and carry on the legend of one of the greatest live performers ever, a talented singer and the man responsible for the ‘devil horns’ metal sign we rampantly use in the mosh.

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