A new way to highlight attention towards road safety – Taylor Swift’s song lyrics

The Iowa Department of Transportation has got a few clever ideas up its hoarders as a part of its “zero fatalities” campaign. The overhead signs on IOWA roads that reportedly change every week now shows Taylor Swift’s lyrics from her recent album, Look What You Made Me Do: “246 traffic deaths this year. Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… she’s driving.”

Reports also suggest that drivers are motivated further to come up with such like road safety ideas that are snappy and meaningful enough to grab eyeballs in 18 characters and three lines.

Swift’s lyrics in the album, meanwhile, say: “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? ‘Cos she’s dead.” The lyrics sound like an answering message on the phone which the Iowa transportation have seemed to capitalize on. Their Twitter page reads: “If you don’t get the message today – ask the nearest millennial.”

The 27-year-old American songstress who is known to sing personal narratives made a comeback with this single album and now the chart-buster is being used for people across US to warn them against the use of mobile phones and attending to calls while driving. Last year, there were reportedly 404 people who died on Iowa’s roads and it is only to increase people’s mindfulness about their safety on roads and reduce the number of accidents that take place mostly due to neglect and lack of attention on driving that the zero fatality campaign is aimed towards.

Previously, there have been some other clever and smart ways the IOWA DOT worked towards road safety. In 2016, the craze around Pokemon Go chase was used for the campaign that started in 2013:

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