Iron Maiden’s Ed-Phon3s Out Now!

Metal gods, Iron Maiden have done something else spectacular for their fans this year, apart from releasing their much-awaited post-Bruce-Dickinson-cancer-treatment album, The Book Of Souls. They just announced that another collectible, their “Ed-Phon3s” are officially out for sale!

Bassist for the megaband, Steve Harris explained that when they were creating their latest album, he tried to find the perfect headset that would be able to stabilize the metal sound being produced. As he says:

I knew that I would need some really good headphones to use for playback of the mixes of The Book Of Souls. I’d actually started looking into this about 18 months prior to when we started recording because I’d been struggling to find a design which came even remotely close to what I felt was an acceptable sonic standard for rock and metal.”

“My main objective was for a balance that wasn’t just top and bottom heavy with hardly any mid range like a lot of headphones these days that are basically designed for dance music. I wanted a good balance across the widest bandwidth incorporating a lot more mid range frequencies, something I strongly feel is vital to appreciate the complexities of our music and rock and metal in general.”

The result is a super-cool headphone, complete with a sketch of their mascot, Eddie the Head. The band teamed up with their “friends”, Japanese electronic company, Onkyo to produce their latest product.

The product is currently retailing only in the UK and Europe for a cool £199.

Looks like it’s going to be one merry Christmas for Maiden fans out there with the latest The Book Of Souls being coupled with this magnificent new product, the Ed-Phon3s that can be coupled for one true metal Xmas! Up the irons, we say!

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