James Hetfield Hilariously Judges Modern Celebs With Metallica Shirts

When Kendall Jenner dared to ware a Slayer shirt, metals fans were pissed. They’d probably cull the reality star and model if she were in a mosh. Of course, Slayer wore a t-shirt saying “Kill The Kardashians”, so yeah, they’re even. So now it was time for Metallica frontman James Hetfield to do the honors and judge our modern day celebrities who strutted around wearing Metallica band t-shirts. Unlike Slayer, who are known hard-asses, Hetfield was kinda cool about the whole thing and joked and laughed throughout. Gotta love Hetfield.


The video begins with the first celeb being pulled up – one of the Olsen twins who wore a Damage Inc. shirt, and James rightly guesses that she’s a child star. He’s says she looks too “cute” for the new album and then laughs.

Next is Kim Kardashian who James jokingly calls “Kanye in drag”. She tried to be all “metal” in a leather jacket and Metallica “Metal Up Your Ass” shirt she reportedly paid between $2,000-$8,000 for. Hetfield says her shirt is a little too loose for her, and something that he wouldn’t allow even his daughter to wear, but that if she wore it before the Kill ‘Em All days, he would be “pretty impressed”. Then he laughs again.

Next victim is a Raggaeton artist known as J Balvin who apparently put Metallica shirts into fashion in that world, but James shakes it off saying if he’s wearing that for fashion, he should put something better on. And so he laughs. He really believes that the artist is a genuine fan of metal.

Hetfield calls Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless a “goth Madonna” and compares her to Metallica bassist, Robert Trujillo. He again says he’s pretty impressed with her wearing a Kill ‘Em All shirt.

He is then given a picture of Ryan Gosling, and says he loves his movies, but can’t remember the Hollywood A-lister’s name, because he’s “terrible with names”. He says he’s a hard-ass though, and christens him Hardwired……To Self-Destruct. That is the best compliment Gosling could ever get, forget the title of Sexiest Man Alive!

When he pulls up a picture of Avril Lavigne, he again can’t remember the name, but jokes that she’s the singer for Nickelback and laughs again. He then remembers she was “related for a short time” to the actual singer of Nickelback, and that he’s met her and “she’s nice”. He believes she’s a fan of the band, but doesn’t seem to recall the fact that she sang Fuel during a Metallica tribute concert.

Last but not the least is a band member from Five Seconds of Summer, who James thinks is One Direction. Then he dismisses it as “5 Seconds of Directions” and sees the Reload shirt and says its “ballsy”.

He ends by saying he can’t believe how old he is and has lived through all those epic albums the band created since their demo, No Life ‘Til Leather. An adorable factor about Hetfield is that he genuinely believes each of these young celebs actually listen to Metallica and are fans. Poor, clueless Hetfield! Though it’s nice to know celebs think that Metallica is still cool.

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