Lynrd: American singer and songwriter, Jason Derulo is all set to release his latest album. But before the album is released the singer has released a 30 second teaser for all the fans, who cannot wait to get a glimpse of the lead single ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ from the album Future History.


The video has been released before the album is officially released. Derulo in the teaser can be seen attempting some amazing dance moves in a haunted looking warehouse.

Initially, the singer will be seen moving alone, later he is joined by a group of strong and powerful dancers with long hair. With a curious teaser, there are hopes that the actual video should be peppier and has more dance moves of Derulo.

The new single also has a chorus of Day – O’s ‘The Banana Boat Song’ and also a piece of ‘Show Me Love of Robin S. The official date of the release of the ‘Future History’ is not announced, but the lead single will be released on Wednesday. However, the singer is expected to release the album by the end of Summer. Derulo had released his debut album in the year 2010 named Jason Derulo. One of the single’s of the album ‘Whatcha Say’ had become popular before the release of the album.'
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