Lynrd: The winner of the first season of the singing reality show ‘The Voice’ is Javier Colon. The host of the show Carson Daly said that it was a close fight between the runner up Dia Frampton and Colon, but in the end, Javier was declared the winner.


Till the final second, Colon and Dia were the favorites of everyone. Maybe the last minute recommendation from Justin Bieber had helped Colon to take away the title.

Arguments apart, Colon is a true deserving candidate for the win and has the most amazing voice with the power to mesmerize the audience. The show host had said that there was just two percent difference between the votes of Colon and Dia.

The strong determination of the singer had helped him to rise despite rejections and stops throughout his musical career. Colon was emotionally moved when he was announced the winner of the season. The singer had tears in his eyes and did not forget to shout out to the three women who had entered in to the finals along with him. Adam Levine, Colon’s coach,  had given him a big hug after he won the title.

Colon will be now part of the label Universal Republic, as a part of the prize to win the first season of ‘The Voice’.'
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