Lynrd: The digital album of Jay-Z and Kanye West ‘Watch Your throne’ is now officially out and available on iTunes. The physical copy of the album will be available with a 3D artwork will be available after 12th August.

jay z

The art work of the album has been designed by Riccardo Tisci. The digital version of the album includes some of the interesting images like of a beast in Hov and Weezy.

The image features the singers with fangs of a lion coming out of their mouths along with whiskers coming out of their cheekbones. The images convey that the singer consider themselves as fearless lions of the hip hop genre.

The album also features an alternative album art work, which has four golden stars along with some red flowers as well as pointy things. The art cover is a more colorful one that represents the ‘Watch The Throne’ cover. Another black and white image has been showed of the classical statuary Virgin Mary, who has wings in a cemetery. A black star is placed on the face of the statue, which might not be approved by some of the religious people. Till now nothing has been said about what the pictures actually portray, but the fans are just happy to listen to what they like.'
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