Lynrd: American rappers Jay Z and Kanye West have announced the released date of the their upcoming album, ‘Watch The Throne’. The rappers are all set to release the album on 1st August 2011.

jay z

The album would be digitally released on 1st August and will be physically released on 5th August. The rappers will be joined by the number of guests stars like Beyonce Knowles and Bruno Mars on the album.

Apart from the big names of the collaborators, the rappers have also the creative director Riccardo Tisci to make the best art work as well as the intricate gold cover for the album sleeve. The designs will be incorporated with strength, symmetry, lightness, sharpness, darkness as well as 3D.

The director Riccardo has earlier designed the art work of the single, ‘H.A.M.’ of the rapping duo. The Watch the Throne album was also recently appreciated by rapper Big Sean, who was called for an advance listen by the collaborators. Earlier, this month Jay Z had revealed that he has already started work for his next album. The rapper said that he knows what exactly the tone and the feel of the album is. Jay Z added that it is different and not weird. The rapper said that he never had two songs so early even before his current album is out.'
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