American rapper and music producer Jay-Z has revealed the track listing for his highly-anticipated ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ album. The superstar was at his hometown of Brooklyn and his publicist Jana Fleishman took to her Twitter account to hint about the rapper’s current location. She was waiting there with books which had the titles of 15 songs from the upcoming album.

jayz-Magna Carta Holy Grail

However, no further details regarding the album have been given. Some of the tracks will include ‘F.U.T.W’, ‘Beach Is Better’ (which is one of the shorter tracks), ‘Heaven’, ‘Versus’ and ‘BBC’. The interesting part is that the album is filled with tracks with funny names like, ‘F—WithMeYouKnowIGotIt’, some of them are purposely misspelled, like ‘Nickles & Dimes’ and it also features the controversial ‘Open Letter’ which was released in April 2013. Jay-Z’s fans do not have to wait anymore and can soon have the album in their hands. The track listing is a comforter for the fans who were waiting on this for a long time.

Here is the ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ track listing:
1. ‘Picasso Baby’
2. ‘Heaven’
3. ‘Versus’
4. ‘Tom Ford’
5. ‘Beach Is Better’
6. ‘F—WithMeYouKnowIGotIt’
7. ‘Oceans’
8. ‘F.U.T.W.’
9. ‘Part II (On The Run)’
10. ‘BBC’
11. ‘La Familia’
12. ‘Jay-Z Blue’
13. ‘Nickles & Dimes’
14. ‘Holy Grail’
15. ‘Open Letter’'
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