American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she and her tour mate Enrique Iglesias have a surprise in store for their fans . The singer said that they have a new song in store, which will be performed by them when they begin their road journey.

Lopez said, “We plan on doing some special things for the fans. We’re actually working on this really good song, a new song right now.” The new song is expected to be one hot and happening collaboration for sure for the fans.

The singer confessed that she is already working out as she needs to be in good shape when she begins the tour with Enrique. Her movie ‘What To Expect When You Are Expecting’ will hit the theatres on May 18, 2012.

Lopez added, “You have to train. Talking about going on six months of (touring), it’s daunting, it’s like whoa. It’s exciting but it’s still scary. Also, I’ve never done it before, so this will be my first time I’ve been on a world (tour).” Jennifer will be quite busy once the tour begins as her twins Max and Emme will also be joining her on the road.'
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