American Idol contestant, Jermaine Jones was officially dismissed out of the show on the March 14 episode. Jones was asked to leave the show for the outstanding arrests warrants against the singer which was hidden by the singer.

A discussion between the singer and the producers was filmed and was even aired on the show. They sat down together and read out the findings and his arrests records back to him. Even the mentors of the show expressed their surprise over the fact that he chose not to disclose the outstanding warrants.

The hardest part was that if Jones would have come clean then they could have addressed it and would have even helped him but the singer chose not to do it. Jermaine in his defence said that he was scared and nervous and also worried of being judged and penalized.

Jones even promised that he planned to get it taken care of but did not work out that way. The singer also said that he wasn’t involved in any fight and that he fell down a flight of steps while carrying a bag and couldn’t walk. Jones also revealed that he had screws in his foot and had a disagreement with his friend. The producers said that they cannot have contestants with outstanding warrants.'
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