Jimi Hendrix’s 1960’s session recordings to finally be released

Jimi Hendrix’s early recordings to finally see the light of day.

Early recordings of the legendary rock musician Jimi Hendrix – born as Johnny Allen Hendrix – are set for an official release after a long drawn legal tussle.

Hendrix, at the beginning of his career was a session guitarist with the then famous R&B group – Curtis Knight and the Squires. He had made around 88 recordings between 1965 and 1967, these recordings now officially belong to the legendary icon’s family music company – Experience Hendrix LIc

Music producer Ed Chaplin – owner of Ppx company – had originally recorded the tracks after signing Hendrix and the Curtis Knight and the Squires for a three-year contract. The going rate then – for the records which are now priceless – was $1 and one cent per royalty rate.

The Hendrix estate and Ed Chaplin have been involved in a long drawn legal battle wherein the musician’s family has wanted to legally acquire the records.

Chas Chandler, Hendrix’s manager had bought out every contract before Hendrix set out to chart a solo career, Ppx was an exception.

Chaplin and Ppx released several of Kinght’s records after he became a success. This was to give out the impression that Hendrix was a crucial member of the band, this would not only up Chaplin’s clout, but also help to establish his ownership over the records.

However, Experience Hendrix Llc won a lawsuit against Chaplin and Ppx in 2001 which now enforces a 1973 decree – limiting Chaplin’s rights over Hendrix’s 33 master records. Experience Hendrix Llc also managed to pass a court order against Chaplin.

According to Contact Music’s report,” the musician’s tracks with Knight will be remastered and issued over the next three years through Sony Music’s catalogue division, Legacy Recordings.”

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