The late Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson suffered a stroke late on November 28, 2012 and is to be released today. The legendary manager of the Jackson 5 was taken to an undisclosed hospital for treatment.

According to a spokesperson, Joe was having trouble walking and standing up and then called a friend, who took him to the hospital. According to reports, Jackson suffered a minor stroke and reports do not indicate that it is life threatening.

Joe’s wife Katherine is flying over to Las Vegas to meet with him. Katherine has been tending to the late ‘Dangerous’ singer’s children in Los Angeles since the singers death. Spokesperson Angel Howansky said that the ex-manager has suffered minor strokes in the past and currently still has some pain in his head, but it was nothing too serious.

Joe was involved in a legal battle against his late son Michael’s doctor – Conrad Murray. Jackson alleged that Murray had given the late ‘king of pop’ incorrect medication before his death, including Propofol and a variety of other pharmaceuticals. He also alleged that Murray withheld information from emergency room doctors while they were trying to save the ‘Beat It’ singer. Murray was tried and convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011, but Joe has now dropped the charges against him.

The late ‘Heal the World’ singer had accused his father of abusing him mentally and physically during his childhood years, but later forgave him, saying that his discipline contributed to his success in a big way.'
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