Lynrd: American singer and dancer Joe Jonas has recently revealed a teaser for his forthcoming single ‘See No More’. The song ‘See No More’ has been penned down by Joe and Chris Brown.


The 31 second long teaser has audio of the song with R&B influences and certain voices that have been altered by the computer and some strings. And as soon as Jonas starts singing in the video, the clip ends.

The clip has shown the making of the song and also some of his interactions with his fans. Joe can be seen like a star enjoying the atmosphere of the recording studio. The singer is seen in some of photo shoots, walking down the red carpet and also rehearsing certain dance moves.

I an interview, Joe said that he has got to work with a great team and that he is anxious as well as excited and is ready to share the single with his fans. The singer added that the single is actually more for his fans than for himself. ‘See No More’ is the first single that will be launched by the singer after he had announced his solo career. 3rd June will be the day when the single will be hitting the radio stations.

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