Lynrd: American singer Joe Jonas has recently announced the release of his debut solo single, ‘See No More’. The date for See No More’s  release is on 13th June 2011.


The solo track will first hit the radio stations on 3rd June, which is 10 days before the track is officially out. The singer has also released the cover of the See No More in which the singer looks at his best, wearing just casuals.

The lyrics of the track have been co-written by Jonas and Chris Brown. The collaborations had clearly indicated that the track is surely going to be a major hit among the fans. According to Joe, See No More is an emotional track on which he had been working on for a while.

Joe added that the artists need to pen down all the feelings inside them, which was exactly what was done by the singer for the track. The singer added that his life has been the inspiration to write the song. Joe also confessed that the song was about what all he had been through in life. The singer is known for his high profile relationship with country pop singer Taylor Swift. Joe has always known for all the ladies he had dated in the past.'
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