While the American singer Joe Jonas prepares for his debut solo album ‘Fast Life’, the singer recently shot a video for ‘Just In Love With You’ in Paris. The singer shot for the video around the city and talked with the reporters at New Jersey for the Femme Fatale Tour stop.


Jonas expressed that he always wanted to shoot for one of his videos in Paris. The singer said that many people did not know what was actually going on as he did not even announce that he was shooting for a video.

Jonas said that he loves Paris and is one of his favorite cities. The singer also added that it was like a dream come true for him while he shot in Paris.

While talking about his experience shooting in the city the singer said that it wasn’t easy to shoot. Jonas said that he was the only one, who had spoken English in the whole set. There were also many funny moments on the sets due to the language barrier. The singer said that his fans would be shocked and excited to see the video. Joe also shared that he had an romantic moment in the video with a beautiful French lady and that he had a great rapport with her on camera.

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