American musician and singer John Mayer recently expressed his feelings for singer Katy Perry during his Milwaukee concert on July 6, 2013. Mayer went on to deliver a heartfelt speech to his alleged girlfriend Katy Perry at his concert on Saturday and told the crowd that she is ‘incredible’ and ‘patient’.


The 35-year-old singer confessed his love for Perry, who was in the audience for the first night of his tour. He also explained to the crowd that Perry was there for him while he was taking a break from the world of music, after he went through a throat surgery. Mayer added, “She was more incredible than I ever thought. She was so patient as to continue to get to know me and love me.”

The ‘Half Of My Heart’ singer also remembered the day when he did not have a voice and Perry communicated with him and how she did not mind keeping the communication going despite the bad connection in Montana, where Mayer went to for his vocal rest.

This time, it seems obvious that the couple is dating again after they were seen together on various occasions. Mayer then said that he wanted to dedicate the song ‘A Face To Call Home’ to Katy, who is his face to call home.'
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