American pop rock band Jonas Brothers announced the name of their upcoming album. Seems like the popular band has taken some inspiration from other artists in the industry and decided to simply name their album ‘V’.

jonas brothers

Along with that, the band had another very busy week. Apart from announcing the name of the new, highly-anticipated album, Kevin Jonas and his wife confirmed that they are expecting their first child. On top of that, the band also started their tour in Chicago. At the show in Chicago, Jonas Brothers also premiered four new songs and it seems like the band is in for a very hectic summer.

The tracks from the new album include ‘The World’, ‘Found’, ‘Don’t Say’ and ‘What Do I Mean To You’. Band member Nick Jonas is the mastermind behind most of the tracks on the upcoming record. ‘V’ is due to be released this fall and definitely confirms Kevin’s assessment that the new album will be more of a party than things were in the past.

The band first started as a solo project by Nick Jonas. Back in 2004, Nick was discovered by an executive at Columbia Records, after which the singer was jointly signed to INO Records and Columbia Records and released the single ‘Dear God’.'
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